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Innovation Sprint

Move from idea to validated business case

An innovation sprint is a 4 day process used to solve big problems through ideation, rapid prototyping and testing ideas with target customers. The result is a solid business case that delivers true business value.
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Develop solutions to business challenges

Test ideas before investing big

Reduce the risk of your business idea

Avoid wasting time, energy and money

Too many organisations execute ideas prematurely because they look great in presentations, make excellent sense in the spreadsheet, and look irresistible in the business plan... only to learn later that their vision turned out to be a hallucination.

Make your ideas bulletproof with evidence.

Ikbender helps you to reduce the risk of pursuing ideas that look good in theory, but won't work in reality. Our innovation sprint enables you to learn and adopt fast. Build better products, services and business models that deliver true business value.

When to do an Innovation Sprint?

An Innovation Sprint is for you if you want to...

✅ Create a solid business case that delivers true business value

✅ Make better investment decisions

✅ Convince senior-level management of your business case

✅ Find an innovative solution to a complex challenge

✅ Prevent wasting significant resources on building the wrong solutions for the wrong problems

✅ Find a good product-market fit

✅ Find a solution that is most likely going to work

Ready to build a strong business case?

Here's how we'll help you do it —


Schedule a call

We'll start with a short video call to understand the challenge you're working on, or the idea you have. If we're confident we can help, we'll plan another meeting where we plan the next steps for the Innovation Sprint.


The Innovation Sprint

First we'll set the stage for success by building the right team and gathering essential information. Then your team will go from an idea or challenge to a validated solution in only 4 days.


After the sprint

We collect all the results and insights gathered during the sprint and summarize this in one handy document. This allows you to present your evidence-based business case with confidence to upper management.