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Problem Framing

Make better decisions and find new opportunities

Problem framing is a powerful method to understand, define and prioritize complex business problems. No matter what strategy you plan on building, or what your outcomes are, problem framing will help you and your team make better decisions, faster.
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Uncover new business opportunities

Find where to focus your innovation efforts

Make big decisions with more confidence

Align your team around what needs to be solved

When to do problem framing?

Problem framing is for you if...

  • You want to discover and define new business opportunities
  • The business problem you are trying to solve is not clearly defined
  • You want to change direction but are not sure how or where to go
  • You don't fully understand your customers and their needs
  • You want to prevent wasting significant resources on building the wrong solutions for the wrong problems
  • You want to know which challenges and opportunities are worth investing in

Why problem framing?

Make it easier to find effective solutions to complex problems.

Find a problem worth solving

Clear your mind and allow your team to have important discussions early, before everybody plods along the wrong path.

Align perspectives

Get everybody seeing and understanding the same thing, so that you can work towards a solution together.

Avoid wasting time and money

Don't pour money, resources and time into a project that won’t bring you much success. It will make everybody happier!

What you'll get from Problem Framing

Discover new opportunities

Make sense of the user's needs, perceptions and expectations. Uncover hidden opportunities that help you improve the quality of your services and set you apart from your competition.

Make better decisions faster

Clarify what needs to be solved and prevents fixation on particular solutions. Identify the right priorities that move the needle and drive ROI.

Find innovative solutions

Uncover new insights that lead to truly innovative solutions you would never have thought of before.

Gain more confidence

Gain the confidence of tackling business problems that are worth solving.

Build strong business cases

Convince your investors, management and other stakeholders with a good problem statement.

Form cohesive teams

Empower your team to actively collaborate to develop and implement a winning strategy.

Ready to find better problems to solve?

Here's how we'll help you do it —


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We'll start with a short video call to understand the tip of the iceberg. If we're confident we can help, we'll come over to your office so we can talk at greater length.


Find your focus

It's hard to choose where to focus on. We help you make sense of information and uncover where to create the most value for you and your customers.


Decide further action

Define which approach is best fit to solve the specific challenges and opportunities you face, for example by doing a design sprint.